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Thanks for the part...Good communication and prompt delivery. A pleasure to do business with you.
-Gary -
28 August 2015
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item arrived 18 august very speedy service thank you
-mick mc guckian -
18 August 2015
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Newhaven East Sussex
Items arrived today Thurs. 23rd grateful thanks for your speedy service.
-Roger Wynn -
23 April 2015

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Truma - Trumatic S 3002 (P) Caravan - Motorhome Heater

Trumatic S 3002 / S 3002 P – L.P. Gas heaters approved for caravans and motor homes

Rated thermal output: 3400 W
Gas consumption: 30 - 280 g/h
Weight: 9.8 kg
Product Ident. Number: CE- 0085AP0325

Operation is only authorized with original Truma front case
Important: Order front case seperately!

31311-01 Trumatic S 3002, 30 mbar, with automatic ignitor, thermostat and installation box

31291-01 Trumatic S 3002 P, 30 mbar, with piezo ignitor, thermostat and installation box

30040-50100 Trumatic S 3002 (P) Front case sepia brown

30040-50200 Trumatic S 3002 (P) Front case agate grey

Additional electric heater Truma Ultraheat

Additional electric heater with thermostat, control panel and 3 m connection cable. Suitable for the heaters Trumatic S 3002 (P) afterdate of manufacture 07/81 and Trumatic S 5002 after 04/98 (with new semi-circular front design) and Truma S 55 T. –Installation between the heat exchanger and installation box.
Not to be used for Trumatic S 3002 K, S 5002 K, and S 5002 until 04/98 with old rectangular front design.

30402-02 Additional electric heater Ultraheat(not suitable for use with the heater Truma S 55 T)

34300-01 Extension cable 5 m for the control panel (not illustrated)


34201-01 Remote sensor FFC 2 c/w 4 m connecting cable monitors the room temperature regardless of the position of the control panel


FFC2 sensor for Truma Ultraheat

Modern front case design for older Truma heaters S 3002

Retrofit case for heaters Trumatic S 3002 (P) after date of manufacture 07/81 c/w
control rod and if necessary piezo ignitor. Important: Not to be used with the
heater Trumatic S 3002 K!

Retrofit Front cases for Trumatic S 3002
30040-19100 Front case sepia brown

30040-19300 Front case agate grey

Retrofit Front cases for Trumatic S 3002 P (including piezo ignitor)
30040-19200 Front case sepia brown

30040-19400 Front case agate grey

Accessories for heaters Trumatic S

30040-65400 Ignition pilot light for retrofit in the heater front case. Suitable for the heaters Trumatic S 3002 and S 5002, after date of manufacture 08/99 or with new auto ignitor (with 1 battery)

30040-65700 Auto ignition kit for Trumatic S 3002 P, after date of manufacture 07/81 complete with remote ignition pilot light (not illustrated)

30040-63000 Trumatic S 3002 (P) Top Shelf, Part Number 30040-63000

Roof flue kit

30030-04 Roof flue kit c/w 1 roof flue AK 3, Ø 60 mm, 2.5 m exhaust duct, 2 m insulating duct and 3 clips

30700-03 Flow top T3, necessary to operate the heater while driving

Installation accessories

30030-85500 Gas line interior connection for Trumatic S 3002 right fitting

30030-85600 Gas line interior connection for Trumatic S 3002 left fitting

30030-04800 Air intake extension c/w 50 cm flue duct (for difficult fitting situations, for example installation on a plinth, or for vehicles with double-floor)

For warm air distribution all Trumavent fans can be used (fitting direct to
the installation box), with the comfort kit a fitting of the fan to the wall or
the floor is also possible

30630-01 Roof flue AK 3, Ø 60 mm for the heaters Trumatic 2200 and S 3002 (P)

30630-03 Roof flue AKL, Ø 60 mm, special version for a roof thickness over 5 cm up to 12 cm, for the heater Trumatic S 2200 and S 3002 (P)

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